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Vital Life Alert Statistics

In a survey taken by ACNielsen International Research, 87% of Life Alert members said that Life Alert's protection is a main or important factor in their decision to keep living at home rather than going to a retirement institution.

On Average

Age of a senior entering a retirement institution in the United States is 79.

Age of a Life Alert member entering a retirement institution is 85.

Life Alert members enjoy independent home living for an extra 5 years.

If Life Alert's services can substitute a retirement institution, would you go for it ?

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Home Emergencies
"Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up"®
In a home fall emergency, or in case of a seizure, heart attack, stroke or other serious illness a senior usually can not reach the telephone. She or He may lay on the floor for hours or days, disconnected from any help. This injury can become life threatening.

How can Life Alert® help?
A simple press of a button will instantly activate Life Alert's small base unit located in the house. This small base unit will immediately communicate with our Central Monitoring Station, initiating amplified two-way voice communication between the senior and our emergency operators, who will contact neighbors, Paramedics, Fire Department, Police and/or relatives as needed.

Free Information Services
Now in an emergency Life Alert also provide for FREE information services such as:
Assistance with: Communication with:
• Electric or Water Damage
• Extreme Weather Conditions
• Gathering General Information
• Medical Suppliers
• Doctors
• Pharmacy
• Phone Company
• Power Company
• Advising Relatives

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And Much More

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