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I want to thank you for the gift you have given me – freedom from worry as to what I should do in an emergency – what number to call, etc. I am constantly harping on this to my senior friends who live alone as I do. The service gives you such freedom to live unafraid! Also, during my contact with your personnel, I have found you to be very business-like, efficient and easy to deal with. It’s amazing how very quickly you respond!

Elizabeth H., Philadelphia PA

I called to say thank you for saving my father’s life this morning. I am very happy with your service.

Jean B., Monterey CA

When my grandmother felt ill, Life Alert sent paramedics and advised our family of her condition. I’m very thankful for how fast Life Alert got help out to her, and how quickly your company advised us of the situation.

Granddaughter of Lucille E., Sacramento CA

I received a card today, directing that I check my pendant battery. Due to the immediate response, it appears that the battery is okay. I just want to thank you for the quick response.

Bob E., North Little Rock AR

My Mother lives with my wife and me. She has the services of your Life Alert system. She has had occasion to utilize it twice when we were not at home, and it has worked with perfection.

Brian Y., West Point UT

My mother could not get out of bed, since her lower back and hip were causing her extreme pain. She contacted Life Alert and you sent paramedics. I was on the scene, and you also notified my mom’s neighbor about the situation. My mom was transported to Pomona Hospital, and your dispatcher talked with me to keep me informed of what was going on. I just wanted to tell you how awesome your company is for always being there for my mom, and how thankful I am that you were there for her again today.

Jann S., Pomona CA

Hi. Just had to tell you how pleased I was when I had to call for assistance! Everything was handled so well. Thank you so much!

Eileen L., Anna IL

I am calling to personally thank your dispatcher Esther for a job well done in helping my mother.

Michael B., Albuquerque NM

I received a pendant signal from subscriber A.E., who told me there was a fire. I advised her to leave home right away, and I dispatched the Fire Department; I also notified her relatives about the situation. Later, I received a call from the head of the Fire Department to commend me on how well I handled the emergency situation. The F.D. Chief said two lives were saved because of the excellent job we did on responding to the emergency.

Donna G., Dispatcher, Life Alert

We cannot express enough our thanks for this wonderful service! Life Alert was a godsend for our Dad, and a comfort to us. Anytime we needed to call, or I spoke with someone, it was a positive experience. Everyone at Life Alert was caring and pleasant. Keep up the good work!

Bill L., Baltimore MD


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