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I wanted to call and thank you for what a great job your company did on behalf of my mother Florence. In particular, your operator was very detailed on instructions, which was very helpful.

Charles U., Dallas TX

This morning I feel impelled to tell you – and on this ancient and eccentric typewriter! – how impressed I am with the powerful lifesaving gift you’re giving to aged people who live alone. I truly appreciate the aid of Life Alert. I advise all my friends who live alone that they need to get in touch with you.

Maren C., Homewood IL

I’m writing to thank you for saving my Mom’s life. She had a stroke in the middle of the night, lost consciousness and fell in the bathroom, hitting her head. Her nose was bleeding really badly. When she woke up, she pushed the Life Alert button, and you immediately dispatched paramedics, who got to her in about 10 minutes. They got her stabilized and took her to the hospital. Your dispatcher also notified me of what happened, and I was even able to talk to the paramedics while they were helping my Mom at her house. I think Life Alert works extremely well. It saved my Mom’s life, because without it, she would have been laying there all night, since it all happened at one o’clock in the morning. Mom and I are both grateful she had Life Alert, and I recommend it highly to anyone living alone.

Art I., Kennewick WA

My neighbor Charlene fell and broke her hip and kneecap. Fortunately, Life Alert sent paramedics to her right away – they arrived quickly and took Charlene to the hospital. I called to tell you that I’m very happy with the way your dispatcher handled the call.

Emily F., Elberton GA

Not long ago I suffered a bad fall, and couldn’t get up on my own. Your dispatcher did an excellent job; he sent assistance right away, and he also informed my nephew -- who was 40 minutes away and not sure if he should leave. He said he’d keep my nephew informed, and call back as soon as he had new information. A short while later, help arrived and picked me up; luckily, I didn’t have to go to the hospital. What a big relief for me, and for my nephew. This was the first time my Life Alert machine was used, but proved how much it was worth to have it. Thank you for all you did for me, and special thanks to your dispatcher.

Ernest Lee C., Gainesville GA

hank you for being so understanding. I appreciate it.

Bernice G., Chicago IL

was having shortness of breath and chest pains, so I contacted your Life Alert dispatchers; they sent paramedics to my residence and I was transported to the hospital. You were also able to quickly contact my relatives in different states. We were very grateful for that. (A few days later, I needed help again, and once again you came right away, sending paramedics to take me to the hospital.) We are all very grateful for your quick response.

Clara Mae C., Lakeport CA

can’t thank you enough for your help.

Arlene M., Cape Coral FL

On the evening of April 8th, as I was walking to my bed, I passed out -- hitting my head. When I came to, I realized that I could not stand up, so I pushed my Life Alert button and passed out again. The next thing I knew, paramedics and police were with me. I don’t remember the trip to the hospital, but I learned that my rescuers picked up my meds and my purse and took them with me. I also learned that you contacted both of my daughters. It was so good to see them in the ER. Thank you so very much for responding so quickly. I wish I knew who the paramedics and police officers were, so I could thank them. Believe me, I am singing your praises, and urging every senior who lives alone to contact you and get signed up. Again, thank you.

Susan W., Greensboro NC

I’m contacting you today because I had to tell you what a lifesaver your service is. Recently, while living in a seniors apartment complex, my 81-year-old mother-in-law (and Life Alert subscriber) went to get her mail. Her mailbox was in an area of the complex that was outside and away from her apartment; in addition, it was wintertime, very cold and very windy. During the trip to get her mail, using her walker for support, the wind knocked her over and she broke her leg in 3 places. My mother-in-law was now stuck outside in the cold, helpless on the ground. If it wasn’t for her being a Life Alert member, she might have remained there for hours – or worse. Luckily, with Life Alert, everything worked out fine. After she fell, she pushed her pendant, and your company sent paramedics - even though she was not home and couldn’t respond to them! They did not find her at her residence, so they tried outside, where they soon found and rescued her. Thank you so much for your great service!

Pat O., Weldon Spring, MO


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