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I am so pleased that I purchased Life Alert. The guy who installed it did a great job and explained everything to me. I am really excited and honestly happy.

David R.

I recently used my Life Alert system, and was very pleased with your response and how quickly help arrived. I am now convinced my Life Alert purchase was necessary.

June G.

I had the Life Alert system installed today. I’m very pleased with the system and how it operates. I now have peace of mind. My husband will be starting work soon and is glad to know that I’ll be okay while he is away.

Jill B.

I installed Life Alert in my mother’s home today. I was very unsure about the system working for my mom, because she has a severe speech defect. Then Life Alert told me of the procedures they follow and the clapping system that they can use. All the information they provided to me made me extremely reassured that my mother will be safe while she is home alone.

Daughter of Beth M. P.

I took a shower with my pendant and then pressed it while it was still wet, so that I could test it. I was very happy when Life Alert responded. I was glad to see the pendant would work just fine while it was wet.

Andrea T.

had my Life Alert system installed today. So far I am very pleased with everything. The installation process I had with the handyman went well. I am glad I finally decided to purchase the Life Alert system. I hope I never have to use it.

Donald H.

I called in to thank your dispatcher for a job well done. I am very grateful for Life Alert, most of all thankful that my father and dog are alive.

Daughter of Taylor B. (whose smoke detector sent a signal to Life Alert)

After I fell in the shower, a Life Alert dispatcher sent paramedics to help me up. He also called me back to find out how things were – I told him I was okay, that the guys who helped me were very nice, and I was very happy and thankful for Life Alert’s service.

Howard G.

fell, and asked Life Alert for help. They sent someone to help me up. I’m okay now, and very thankful. Life Alert was the best investment I’ve ever made.

Angelina R.

I had just walked in the house when I lost my balance and fell in the doorway. You sent help and got me back up. I am very happy that I invested in your system. Thank you!

Charles H.


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