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Emily J. of Palm Desert, California had a power failure. She had no flashlight so she pressed her Life Alert pendant and we contacted the Power Company advising them of the situation. Emily felt relieved and secure knowing that we were there for her.

Christine J. of Ryebrook, New York was stuck at her backyard in a snowstorm. She signaled Life Alert who dispatched helped. Christine later told us that if it were not for Life Alert she would have been helpless.

Mildred H. of Warminster, Pennsylvania fell in the house and was injured. Life Alert was able to get her help and Mildred was transported to the hospital. Her daughter called us a few days later telling us how we saved her life with the quick response. Mildred is currently rehabilitating in the hospital.

I am very glad that I have Life Alert. I am very impressed with your quick response. I am very thankful for you and your competence in helping me.


Sophia C. of Matteson, Illinois

Jessie W of Washington, Dist. of Columbia lives alone and was getting ready for the day. In her transition into her wheelchair she slipped and ended up on the floor. Life Alert dispatched for help and she was lifted up from the floor. She said that Life Alert gives her the freedom to live alone.

Mary M. of Helotes, Texas feels so much better since she has got Life Alert. She is able to be more peaceful and sleep better at night knowing that she is always protect by Life Alert.

As Helen T. of Mathuen, Massachusetts somehow injured her finger while she was sleeping. She could not get out of bed so she contacted Life Alert. The paramedics arrived a short time afterwards and treated her on scene. The next day Helen's daughter called us telling us what an outstanding job we have done

Delores D. of Ocean Side, California contacted Life Alert. She did not feel well so Life Alert dispatched the paramedics and help arrived promptly. Later Delores and her daughter phoned Life Alert to thank us for the good job we have done during her emergency.

Mary R of Redlands, California had Life Alert for over a year and never had to use it until one day she slipped on the kitchen floor. She contacted Life Alert using her medical pendant and help arrived shortly after. Life Alert stayed with Mary through the whole ordeal.

Pauline W. of Abilene, Texas fell in her Bathtub and could not get up. She signaled Life Alert who dispatched the authorities. Pauline was helped out. Both Pauline and her son wanted to thank Life Alert for the outstanding and prompt job that they have done in this emergency.


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