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I want to thank Life Alert for saving my moms life. She is returning home today from the hospital.

Vivian W.

I sent a medical signal asking for help when I started to feel sharp pains in my neck and spine. Life Alert contacted the paramedics and comforted me in the process of waiting for them to arrive. I was soon transported to the hospital.

Thank you Life alert for your services.

Gertie Mae G.

If it weren't for Life Alert, my mother would have died. She broke her femur bone and was rushed to the hospital where she received 3 bags of blood. Thank you Life Alert. I would recommend you to everyone.

Geraldine N.

I fell outside. So I called Life Alert and they dispatched the fire dept. and they were able to help immediately. I am very appreciative of Life Alert's response and how they kept me informed of the situation.

Margaret B.

My sister and I got a scare this morning, shortly before noon. Saturday afternoon, my aging mother stepped into her backyard where she bent over the flowerbed just outside her dining room window and her knees gave out from under her.
She stayed out there all Saturday night and all day Sunday until a neighbor, working on his roof two houses over, noticed her this morning at about 11:30 AM.
She's done stuff like this before. Several times she's simply felt weak, collapsed to the ground and couldn't get up. After hours of unanswered phone calls, someone went over to her house to find her lying on the living room carpet. So, we installed a phone and placed it under the table.
Once, in her big, new, comfy living room chair, she sat and didn't have the strength to get up. I even went over and talked with her that day, but she said nothing so I had no way of knowing anything was wrong. She was embarrassed to talk about soiling the chair with her son, so she waited until my sister arrived to tell her, and the 9-1-1 call and ER visit ensued. So, we threw out the big, new, comfy chair and replaced it with a lift-chair - one that lifts the sitter up gently to standing position with the touch of a button.
Today, I get a phone call from my brother-in-law telling me I should go over to my childhood home because my mother had just spent the entire weekend in the backyard. I drove about 50 mph in a 30 mph zone to get there, to find my mother sitting in her lift chair, drinking ice water, surrounded by 3 paramedics and 2 neighbors, refusing to go to the emergency room!
I took charge, told my mother that she was going to the hospital and she acquiesced - after she'd had a bath. My sister arrives… my sister, a neighbor and 3 paramedics move her into the bathroom to take a shower… the shower becomes the brushing of teeth, the drinking of more water, the reassurance that P.C. ("Prince Charming", her cat) was fine, the promise that she wouldn't be kept there overnight… finally I put my foot down and started rushing them off to the emergency room.
They pumped nearly 3 full I.V.s into her, gave her an E.K.G., checked her kidney functions, and to make a long story just a little shorter, she's spending the night in the hospital tonight for observations. With the additional fluids in her body, her sunburned skin turned a beet red, and the bug bites turned yellow, so now she looks like a red-with-yellow-polka-dotted mother.
Tomorrow, my sister and I make arrangements for her to have a Life Alert system installed, so this never happens again.

Charles W. S.

As a survivor of the former Soviet Union prison system, please accept my deepest appreciation for the caring and helping people of Life Alert. May God bless all of you for your grateful mission for humanity.


Martha G. of Fontana, California

I thank God that I have Life Alert! As I was taking a shower I slipped and fell in the bathtub and could not get up. I pressed my waterproof pendant and a reassuring voice calmed me down. I told them that I was okay but just needed help getting up. Life Alert dispatched my good friend Frank: a next-door neighbor for help. I don't know what I would have done if I did not have Life Alert.

God Bless,

Howard F. of Oakland, California

I wish to express my sincere thanks for your Life Alert personal Medical Response equipment. I never thought I would have to use Life Alert when I got your service, but I am extremely grateful that I did so! I also want to thank you and your wonderful staff for their instant response getting the fire Department to me.


Bobetta T. of Glendale, California

I have had Life Alert for many years and if I didn't have it now I would have bled to death. As I put a flowerpot down on my lower patio for some reason I blacked out, there was no one around and I could not get up. My little pendant hung around my neck and I managed to press it. I could not tell if the signal went through. There was blood all over and I was so scared. After a small amount of time 3 firemen arrived at my front door. They could not see me so I called out "I am down here" and in a few seconds they were with me and called the paramedics. They hurried and used a liquid on my arm and shoulders. They also covered my eyes and face and said that I had to go to the hospital. I had 15 stitches around my eye. If I did not have Life Alert, I would have probably bled to death. Thank you for responding so quickly.

Christine S. of Clovis, California

Daniel G. of Braintree, Massachusetts fell out of his wheelchair and summoned Life Alert for help. Life Alert dispatched for help who arrived promptly and helped Danial up from his wheelchair. He was grateful to have Life Alert.


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