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Patricia S. of Jackson, Mississippi recently got Life Alert. She was home alone and slipped on the floor. Patricia was nervous when she contacted Life Alert but we calmed her down and sent for help. Patricia was very relieved and was very thankful for the Life Alert machine.

Penny Y. of Terre Haute, Indiana called Life Alert and wanted to thank us profusely for always being there for her. She thanked everyone at Life Alert for saving her life many times before.

Sally B. of San Diego California wanted to say that she is glad that she has Life Alert. She fell a couple of days ago and bruised herself. She is very grateful that we are here for her 24 hours a day seven days a week. She enjoys her independence and has a comfort knowing that she is protected with Life Alert.

Susy T. of Panorama City, California signaled Life Alert telling us that she was on the floor. Susy wanted us to contact her Social worker who we had on file. Her social worker arrived promptly and helped her up. Susy was very grateful and thanked us for the excellent service.

Edith M. of Northridge, California had fallen and injured her head. Life Alert immediately dispatched the paramedics. When the paramedics arrived they decided to transport Edith to the hospital. Life Alert also contacted her family members about her situation. Her family was very pleased with our service and was extremely appreciative.

Betty Z. of Mount Pleasant, Texas told us that Life Alert takes away the fear of old age. She told us that when you are old it can be frightening to stay alone but with Life Alert she is not afraid anymore. She feels comforted and thankful.

Howard M. of La Porte, Texas had fallen down and immediately activated his Life Alert pendant because he was in pain. When the Paramedics arrived and helped him up he refused to go to the hospital and wanted to stay home. Howard said that he is very thankful for his Life Alert Unit and that he loves us for being there for him.

Earl & Gladys B. of Cantonment, Florida were highly impressed with the Life Alert System. They said that the Life Alert unit was able to pick up their voice from far away in the house. They are very glad that the system works as well as it does and said that it works much better the other systems that they had before.

Helen J. of North Brookfield, Massachusetts had fallen down and needed help. She pressed her pendant and Life Alert dispatched the Paramedics. Her daughter called us and said "Thank God for Life Alert" She told us that her mother preferred to live alone and with Life Alert it was the only way.

Willard C. of St. Pete Beach, Florida fell down in his house. His wife Mary could not get him off the floor so they contacted Life Alert. Help arrived within a short time after contacting us. They were both very thankful to have Life Alert.


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