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My father was diagnosed with final stage liver cancer. He was sick, and wanted to remain at home. He was given three to six months to live. He didn’t want to go to hospice, and didn’t want a live-in nurse. I told him I’d heard of this great system called Life Alert, and wanted him to get it. At first, he resisted the idea. Then, my dad fell 3 or 4 times in the following few weeks. One time he banged his head so hard on the tub he went unconscious, stuck between the toilet and bathtub for 19 hours.

That was it. I took matters into my own hands. I called a sales person at Life Alert. (I was already sold on it after I went online and read about it.) The salesman was the nicest guy. He called my father, made sure it all worked okay on dad’s end – and also called me to see how dad was doing. Told me he was in great hands. Everyone was very compassionate. For a complete stranger to care so much made everything so much easier to deal with.

As soon as he got his Life Alert system, my dad called me, and cried for the first time in his life. He thanked me, saying he felt so secure – that if he ever fell again, he could just push the button. What an awesome daughter you are, he said.

A month later, I got a call from Life Alert because my dad had fallen and pushed his button for help; your operator couldn’t hear him, so they sent help automatically. The ambulance was there in 2 minutes! You called to let me know help was on the way -- and you called me a few minutes after the ambulance arrived, to say my dad was in the hospital, safe and sound.

I can’t thank you enough. You got my father help within 2 minutes and it saved his life. I am so grateful to Life Alert for this. If you hadn’t gotten him help, he may have been on the floor alone for many hours - and possibly could’ve died. Your company is absolutely awesome.

Robin A.

I needed help getting up. The paramedics arrived and helped me up, and my son was advised on what happened. I am very happy that I have a Life Alert system. I use it often, and don’t know what I’d do without it.

Flavia S.

I fell in the bathroom and cut my arm on the shower door – and it fell on me. The paramedics arrived quickly to take care of my arm and bandage it up. I thank you very much for my well-being and your prompt and quick response time.

Beatrice M.

The unit was just installed today, and I want to thank everyone so much for their help that I have spoken to so far, as they have been extremely kind, helpful and courteous. I also wanted to thank you so much for the service you will be providing my mother.

Dorothy T.’s daughter

I had kneeled down on the floor and couldn’t get back up. My neighbor was called and helped me up before the paramedics arrived. My son-in-law and I are very thankful for your quick response in getting help.

Evelyn R.

I tested my Life Alert system for the first time. Your company is very efficient. I was pleased to know that everyone I spoke with knew what they were doing. I am glad to know I am in good hands with a great company, and I will recommend you to others.

John T.

I am so pleased how the dispatcher gave all the medical information; I am now back home from the hospital. I am going to have all my friends sign up with Life Alert.

Jean R.

I am very pleased with the service you are providing. I hit my pendant several times since installing my unit … in no time at all you are either talking to me over the unit or calling me over the phone. I am glad I made a good decision with Life Alert.

Clifford J.

Life Alert saved my life. I’m 83, and after I was assaulted and robbed, I was left in my bedroom closet, unable to get to a phone easily. Since I wear a Life Alert pendant, I pushed it, and they summoned the police and paramedics, who got here in just minutes. I’m sold on it. Actually, my mom wore one too. In 1989, she fell in the kitchen and would not have been able to contact help without Life Alert. For older people who live alone, it’s worth every penny.

Opal E.

I just wanted to thank you for your services. I am extremely happy and thankful, and I refer your service to all my friends. I owe my well-being to Life Alert.

Ann M. P.


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