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When we signed my father up for your services, everyone at your company was very professional and courteous, and we received the device in a very timely manner. Setup was very easy, and the people on the phone walking us through it were wonderful and patient. I am very grateful for the service you offer. I was the only person around to care for my father, who (among other health issues) was a diabetic. In recent years, it was very stressful not knowing if my father was OK. It was extremely comforting to know that he could press that button and appropriate people would be contacted. I was then able to carry on with my own life, not running over to his house the minute I thought something was wrong. Life Alert lifted the weight of the world off of my shoulders. Using your services spared me of what I feared most: when I checked on my father each week, I always feared I would find him on the floor, in a condition I was not sure I could prepare myself for. My father fell one morning, and pressed the button; Life Alert called the paramedics, and notified me. I was then able to meet him at the hospital in a much better condition. He was not on the floor by himself for a long time – help came immediately. The comfort your services provided is priceless, and I highly recommend it to anyone in the same situation we were in. I would not hesitate to call up again should we find ourselves in a situation where a loved one needs that additional support to continue to live at home. Finally, I would also like to thank Larry for his kindness and wonderful customer service. Your company can be assured that customers are being treated very well by him.

Jennifer K., North Tonawanda, NY

A few weeks ago, I passed out and wound up on my bedroom floor. When I woke up, I pushed my alert button. I got an immediate response – you notified my neighbor, my daughter, and the ambulance. This was wonderful service. I’m telling every person who lives alone to get your service. Thank you so much.

Betty C., Buford GA

We have been using your service for a while now and I’ve had to call you once before. You were terrific then and got me to the hospital in record time. Everything turned out fine. We’ve been in Florida a couple of months and I needed your services again. Both my husband and I were sick at the time and the emergency people came and helped us both. If not for your service, I think my husband would have passed away and I would still be in pain today. Thank you for your fast and efficient service. I would be glad to recommend your service to anyone.

Annette & Joseph N., Boynton Beach, FL

On January 29, your operator handled a fire emergency at my mother’s condo. After receiving the alarm, the operator immediately phoned my mom to find out if there was a problem there. Mom, who is over 90 years old, said she had a fire in her microwave oven, and her unit was filling with smoke. Your operator told her to evacuate, while notifying the Branford Fire Dept. to respond. Calls were immediately made to our family members to notify them what happened. My sister was notified and responded. I was notified too, and as a volunteer firefighter, was already enroute with my engine company. There was no damage, except to the food being prepared in the microwave. The fire department ventilated her unit, and now all is well. I’d like to commend your operator for her professionalism and a job well done.

Donald K., Branford, CT

I’d like to thank the operator who sent help for me. I was assisted up and was very pleased how fast the operator sent out help to assist me. I am happy I have the service.

Jerrell H., Compton, CA

Recently, I locked myself in a room. There was no way out, no phone to call for help, and I had no water. I decided to push my pendant. Even though I couldn’t talk with your dispatcher, they sent paramedics. I’m so thankful that you helped me, and that the paramedics unlocked my door.

Betty W.

just wanted to thank you for all of your help last week. I’m very grateful that you stayed in contact with me throughout the whole emergency, and informed me of all that the paramedics were doing to help my mom. If you ever wonder why you come to work every day, it’s to assist all of these people who need help and let their families know what’s going on.

Pasquale S.

had fallen, out in the garage, and was stuck. I pressed my pendant. Even though I was far away from the Life Alert unit, and couldn’t hear the dispatcher, she sent paramedics who came and assisted me. I am extremely thankful for your service, and very glad that I just recently called in for renewal!

Ms. Jane S.

I wanted to say how grateful I was for the quick response and also a wonderful job by everyone.

Daughter of Mildred W.

just had the Life Alert system installed tonight. I had a similar security system before, but I like how your system works. I am relieved and feel very secure with my new system in my home.

Martha V.


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